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The entire menu in
the palm of your hand

Choose among among the best bars, lounges, & nightclubs near you. View their their entire cocktail and beer list.
Don't know what goes in an Aviation? With Coaster you'll be able to see the cocktails and get all the juicy details. You can even swipe between the spirits when ordering a mixed drink and choose your favorite one.

Hang out with your friends,
we've gotcha covered

You're out to spend time with your friends, and Coaster lets you do just that. After you send your order, you'll get a message when it's ready, so you'll only approach the bar when your drinks are ready.
Payment and tipping is included so you'll never have to deal with ATMs, tabs at the end of the night or credit cards left behind.

Credit card fees are for suckers

Want Coaster in your bar?

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